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Marionette Node Object Text Label only visible in 2D view

Benny Franke

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this is my first post so please tell me if i did something wrong.


My problem ist as followed: i create an rectange extrude and put a textlabel on all the 6 sides of the dice. All this is done via Marionette nodes.

Once i create a wrapper it still works. 

Once i create a Marionette Object I can't see the text objects in the 3D view anymore. 


infos: the text objects are 6 groups i moved into place.


anyone an idea?


thanks for reading

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @Spotbenny-


I think this has to do with the difference between a Marionette Object and 3D geometry in Vectorworks - a Marionette Object acts like a hybrid symbol, so 2D objects have to be converted to 3D to display outside of Top/Plan. To do this, you can convert your text to polys and then convert those polys to 3D polys. I think that will work. There is a node in the Objects - Text folder called Convert to Poly Group, I believe.

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Alternatively, and I don't know if this can be done in Marionette, would be to convert the object to Plane objects instead of Screen Plane objects. There is a Set Plane node in Marionette, but I don't have time to play with it right now. 


There are also a number of ObjectVariables that control screen plane / layer plane, but again I don't know if those are directly accessible through Marionette and don't have time to check right now.



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Hi @sbarrett , @Pat Stanford


thank you very much. that did work. now i have to arrange those labels slightly on top of the dice because they shimmer in openGL view. Is there a snap to surface node or something like this?


sorry for all the questions but i can't really find documentation for all the nodes there are.


I will definetly try the plane object thing later. Thanks for all the help.




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