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Conditional Formatting within worksheets

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Is it possible to use conditional formatting on worksheets?


Example 1: If a cell in a line meets a certain criteria I want the line to be highlighted blue

Example 2: If a Boolean value is true, I want the text to be bold

Example 3: If a record format number value exceeds a specific set amount, it is highlighted in red

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Conditional formatting in the traditional Excel version is nor available in VW Worksheets.


I thought I had worked out a way to put colors in a single cell of a row based on a value, but I can't find that example right now.In my most recent attempt, it appears that you can not use an Image function inside an IF function in a worksheet.


There does not appear to be a way to format a single subrow of a database differently than all of the other rows.


I do have a way using a customer WSScript procedure to set a cell in a database row to a color based on some value directly accessible from the object. In my test, I used a record format attached to the object. If the first record attached to the object was named "A" it would put in an image of a rectangle in the drawing named 'Red'. If the first record was named "B" it would return and image of an object in the drawing named 'Blue'.


If this would be of any interest to you, I can try to polish it up. Tell me more about what type of conditional formatting you are trying to do and why and I will see what I can do to help.





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Hi Pat!


Apologies for resurrecting this old thread but it was the first one I found on the subject. I'm looking to highlight cells in a database that are value of 0 for instance. Is this possible in your (albeit very dated) example?



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It's a shame, this seems like pretty basic functionality for a spreadsheet or colour-coded planting schedule. The image function is useful, but the fact that it scales the image based on the plant size is not that useful in the context of a planting schedule with small cell size.

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