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Palettes disapear on 2nd monitor

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Everything works fine in 9.5

I've been using dual monitors since 8.5.

I remember 9.0 having a huge problem of not supporting dual monitors which didn't get fixed until 9.5.

But that's not the case here right?

Computer specs


P4 2.4ghz

RAM 1gb

Video ATI Radeon 9600pro

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I've been running dual head on w2k (see below) since 9 without problems. My machine at home runs dual head on two separate cards on xp without problems. Make sure whatever dual head software shipped with the card is disabled so that you can reduce the number of variables. I have used both matrox and ati cards, and both dual head applications have so many things to turn on and off, that it will make your head spin. Good luck.

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Ray and Mickey,

Several people here are able to run dual monitors on Win XP machines.

Do you have the main monitor/video card set to be the primary and the second to be the secondary?

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I believe the main monitor is the primary, as this is the monitor that displays the splash screen at boot.

Palletes are on the main monitor, (1) in Display Properties. Main Drawing window on secondary monitor, (2) in Display Properties. I set it up this way for applications that don't remember which monitor they were on when closed last, but always open on the main monitor.

I have no problems running two monitors except for the tool palletes disapearing when VW is not the active application. Not that big of a deal.

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OK everybody here is missing the point.

Both monitors work. All my little palettes are on the second monitor. When I click on the desktop in between the palettes some, but not all of the little palettes vanish. When I click back on the main body of the program the palettes come back.

The palettes in question that vanish have a dark grey border around them, and the ones that don't stay consistant with a light grey border.

So what does the dark grey border mean?

And how do I get the palettes to stop the vanishing act?

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Just so you know you are not alone, I have been having the exact same problem on a dual flat panel monitor Dell workstation running Windows XP. I haven't figured-out if the glitch is in Windows, VW, or the ATI video card. So for now, the best thing to do is follow Katie's last suggestion. Maybe some kind of a Pin in Place for tool palettes would help.


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Well, it's not a problem per se.

When you click on the desktop, the desktop becomes active. The program that was active before that is no longer active, thus temporary items are not shown for video redraw purposes.

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