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Skylights into 45 degree sloped roof

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There are a few tutorials on this kicking around the web.  It's a process, as you have to make a symbol and then insert it and then fight with roof related dialogues.


In my office we just make a hole in the roof and then draw everything else as an annotation (i.e. a simple outline for the frame in the roof plan, full details, or often nothing (in the case of sections at smaller scales).


The last time I really looked into it, there wasn't enough control to make it worth while, so it's better just to manually draft the thing. 

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Yes, I don't think rooflights is an area where VW covers itself in glory. I had to refamiliarise myself with them in the last few days and its incredibly clunky. What to an outsider would 'just' seem to need a variant of the window tool that can work on an angle with roof and slab objects is instead almost unusable. Even once I have a rooflight in place I can never predict whether it will be visible at any one time. I can see why nrkuhl does what they do, and may adopt the same practice, but its a bit of a sad workaround.

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