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Troubleshooting - Rotating Importing DWGs


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This issue has been occurring for many of our projects throughout the past year at least now.


When we import details from a supplier in DWG form, and import it onto our details on the annotation layer. If the detail has been rotated from its original form, then the next time we click into the annotation layer, the lines seems to rotate and move somewhere else, and we then will have to manually move it back.


We have tried ungrouping all the symbols on a separate file, before regrouping and pasting it into the working file, but nothing seems to be solving the issue.


This is a real problem, as it really challenging for us to ensure our drawings are accurate prior to issuing them out.


Has anyone ever come across this dilemma before?


Thank you for your help in advance.O.o:D


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Did you try leaving the dwg details on design layer and creating new Vectorworks sheet layer viewports, then add your annotations? Or import the dwg to its own file and reference areas or objects into your project file via design layer viewports?


Idea why the dwg symbols would rotate or dissociate from their annotations: Symbols fail to respond to viewport scale in the annotations?


Is the geometry far from vwx internal origin? That can mess up all kinds of processes.


can you post any of this as a vwx test file? Just one symbol in a vp?



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Are you importing the dwg content fully into VW or as a referenced file?


Upon refresh/reload of rotated referenced dwg content it may lose its orientation and "fall back" to the orientation of the original import. In that case you may want to fully import the drawing instead of importing as referenced file.

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This sounds like something I've run into before with linework that I copied from an imported dwg and turned into blocks for details.  However, I don't remember actually doing anything to fix it and it might have just been fixed by a subsequent update.  What version are you on?

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