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Why is window ID Tag text flipping to inside when removed from wall?



Any idea why the ID tag flips onto the inside of the window if I remove it from the wall? (see test.vwx attached)


I'm not sure if this is 'works as designed' or a bug. Window ID Tag text behaviour has always been a bit of moving target for me.


Very annoying at the moment because we've just set up an elevation window schedule (looking at the outside of the windows) and we were expecting to be able to use the ID Tag to identify each window.




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Not sure if this is what you are seeing, but…


I think when you insert a window not in a wall in top plan view at a 0 angle the inside is up on the screen.


But when a window is inserted in a wall the inside is always the right side of the wall.


If I understand correctly, I think that might explain what you are seeing.

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No, that's not the case. 


When placing a window directing onto a layer without inserting it into a wall the outside of the window is facing up the screen. But the ID tag is facing down the screen. So if you change to Front view you're looking at the inside of the window but the ID tag is facing towards you. If you then change to a Back view you're looking at the outside of the window but the ID tag is facing away from you.


Insert into a Wall and, as you correctly point out, the ID tag + the outside of the window both face the left side of the wall. As expected.

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I see what you mean now.  But it's different for me.


When I insert a default window in a blank document at a 0 angle:


The exterior is down on the screen - not up as it is for you.


The label is up on the screen - same as you.


So in a front view I see the exterior of the window and the label is correct.


In back view I see the interior of the window and the label is backwards.



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@Christiaan - Agreed, window insertion has 'suck it and see' outcomes half the time.


Looking at the file you posted, is there something adding to the 'confusion' VW gets itself into.


Your design has the opener on the right hand side of the window in wall elevation. If you look at the window settings VW has your window opening to the left in its front preview pane.



If we assume this is how the window was 'created' (and you've flipped the window in this instance) then do a test...




Clearly looks like this is a bug if VW can't handle a flipped window style and represent it accurately with ID attached.


Could you perhaps try this and just make sure its not me thinking I've stumbled over something, but that turns out I just need another coffeeO.o



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6 minutes ago, Christiaan said:

It flips back how it was!


I see!!


Don't know what made you place it back (probably from years of using VW and can't quite believe the outcome doesn't have a spurious side) - but excellent find.


Whereas your window doesn't change (except to what you require) if placed back - whats going on?


18 minutes ago, Christiaan said:

It flips back how it was! All very confusing


For the license fee, I can do challenging (and am happy to learn more every day), but I'd rather not do confusing - especially when the boffins will have moved away from fixing window creation and be on to some new 'headline' feature (that I possibly didn't even know I wanted). Lol.


The window tool is ***********. (don't bother counting the *. It doesn't spell the word I could have used) 


Something needs to be done with this. @JimW. Even if the answer is "you're not using it correctly" it would be good to find out where we are with this and what the boffins are going to do.

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heh, yes well it's hard not to conclude we're bumping up against some bugs here. For a start I think it's inserting it into the wall the wrong way around.


Terminology doesn't help either. What is the "front" or "back" of a window? It depends on which way you're looking at it, no? Would it better to name them "outside" and "inside" (despite internal doors not necessarily having an inside and outside).


Perhaps, too, we shouldn't actually be able to flip window and door objects in walls, but rather have explicit control over "left" and "right" opening + "inward' and "outward" opening in the OIP.

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4 minutes ago, Christiaan said:

For a start I think it's inserting it into the wall the wrong way around.


Well I did wonder if the 'sloppy' way of inserting the window produced issues - so went to top/plan, but no difference.


Haha - Dont think I can use a CAD program where outcomes are confusing and it make a difference the way you hold your face!!


Unknown.thumb.jpeg.91ef6275383019d3787b42e582ffb63a.jpeg (royalty free btw)


Lets hope someone's on the case and can provide answers

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This seems like a cut and dry bug to me honestly. It isn't as if the window is reorienting itself to face the other way when removed from the wall, the hardware is still all aligned the same as when its in the wall so I would expect the "Front" and "Back" even though they are nebulously defined, to remain the same and for the ID tag to respect that.

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26 minutes ago, JimW said:

It isn't as if the window is reorienting itself to face the other way when removed from the wall,


It is though. Granted, Christiaan's OP was that the window retained orientation but the ID tag wouldn't 'play ball', but when you place the window back (as discovered by @Christiaanfrom my example) it flips the opening. This isn't what is expected (?)




I think I'd like a response from VW based upon the second of the above if its all the same to you.



Sorry - I've made it sound like you are not agreeing. I think you are, but I believe there a little more meat to the query, based upon some time with this particular 'bug'.

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