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Wall Schedules - Removing unwanted walls-

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I've got a wall schedule with images that I've generated for some fire walls I have in a project but I'm getting a wall that is marked EW1 (some kind of default) It looks like one of my simple foundation walls but none of the walls in the file are marked EW1.  Is there a way to remove this wall from showing in the schedule.



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Worksheets can only access data that is actually placed in the drawing, so somewhere you do have a wall with an EW-1 mark.


The best solution would be to find it/them and correct them. Try making a new database with a criteria of Type is Wall and a formula of =WALLSTYLENAME in one of the column and =GETIFCPROPERTY('Pset_WallCommon.Reference') in another.  Drop a Sort icon into the second column so that all the walls with the same style sort together. When you see the walls with the EW-1 name you can either see the Style name and edit the style, or you can Right Click on the row header for those items to select that wall in the drawing and change the wall style to the correct one.

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More info.  Now if I don't have a sort function applied to the second column it will show every wall present in the file and all the walls I don't have a "Mark" filled out for has got the EW-1 designation.  So I can now select any one of these and it will take me to said wall but when I edit it (the wall style)  "Mark" is blank.



Is this an IFC thing perhaps?  If you look at the pic attached you'll see with Pset_WallCommon highlighted there are a number of pieces of data and the reference is EW-1 a string value that I can unlock and change and it will show up in the "Mark" field but I cannot just erase it and leave it blank.  It will just default back to EW-1.  Now the second pick shows down near the bottom a "Data Source" Showing greyed out [Style.Mark] ELSE 'EW-1' suggesting you put in your "Mark" whatever you want otherwise it will be EW-1.  Any way around this?


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4 hours ago, Markvl said:

Alrighty then.  No such luck.  As you will see by the pic attached no style name appears and when I right click on the row header the "select item" is greyed out.  I can't use the "select item" on any of the walls shown for that matter.


Any other thoughts? @Pat Stanford



 You are using a SUM tile rather than a SORT tile. So if there is more than one wall using that blank style, they won't select. You need to have individual lines, but have them grouped together so they are easier to spot. I don't think you can Select Item on SUMmed rows.

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4 hours ago, Markvl said:

Now I don't know why I didn't ask about this either right from the start.  Why this message.  I initially created a "Wall Style Report w/Images"  Cause my first thought is oh I can edit the criteria to isolate my fire walls.  Doesn't appear that I can.

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This just means that you have to click into the Formula Bar and manually edit the text representation of the database criteria instead of using the automatic criteria generator dialog box. You can still edit it, just in a different fashion.

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3 hours ago, Markvl said:

So long and short of all this (still hoping Pat will offer some insight to the above) I just started a database from scratch using criteria that allowed me to isolate the walls I wanted to show and apply all the formulas I needed.




That works too, as long as you are not concerned that some of your walls are possibly something other than what you think they are.


Perfection is expensive. If Good Enough is good enough, then you are set. 


If you are not responsible for doing the take-offs on the drawing then you are probably OK. If you are, then you probably want to dig a little deeper and find the EW-1 objects and figure out what they really need to be.


I think they may be unstyled walls or perhaps one of the Generic Exterior wall styles.

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Hi @dominijk What you need to do is go ahead and  create the "default" schedule but what you want to do is apply the SUM icon to a column that identifies

the wall style.  If you look at the pic I've attached you'll see that I have the database header on and highlighted.  Do the same and then just drag the sum icon onto the appropriate column.  Hope that helps.

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Hello, This is almost exactly what I am trying to create, but is it also possible to list out the components and thicknesses of a wall / slab / roof style?  The thing I don't understand is the summary placed against components.... it needs to effectively merge multiple entries of cells on the right hand of the table, while maintaining individual component rows on the left. I don't think it can do this? so I currently have a sheet of multiple worksheets, and arrows.


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