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DXF/DWG imports and dimension styles

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I have a question about importing DWG/DXF files, and a strange things that happens to the Dimensions on import. First off I'm using VW11 and can only say the improvements on importing are much less troublesome,

(thank you NNA).

What is happening when I import a file using the default setting, the crosshair (short line at 45 degrees)

which is the dimensioning style used not arrow heads, the reference line act like rays and lengthen. And changing the

import settings to custom, and grouping the dimensions the crosshair line don't lengthen but changes weight to 150?

Any thoughts on how to change this other than going in and edit group and change the line weight?

Maybe the file needs a different dimension style before it is

imported? I've looked at the manual

and haven't found anything dealing with this. In both cases the drawing is difficult to read until the dimension lines are adjusted.


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Can you email the dxf/dwg file to me please?

I will be able to evaluate the file and get back to you. Please make sure you include either a reference to this post in the body of the email, or a detailed description of the problem in the body of the email.


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Have already sent you a copy of the file to look at.

Thanks for looking at this for me. I can give you a heads up that when I import using custom / units determine automatically /and change the model space scale to fit paper space not

the 1:1/ and convert dimensions to groups / things seem to work out fine.

Dennis Dix

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