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Turning Off Classes in Worksheet Images

Chris Busch


Hi There,


Does anyone know if there's a way to turn classes off in a worksheet image?  I create symbols to represent art objects for exhibition design, and I embed the 2D component of the hybrid symbols with a number for use on floor plans.  This number has a different class than the image I would like to appear on the worksheet.  Thanks for any help you can provide!



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The worksheet responds to the class settings during a recalculation. The important one is when printing. I have a saved view that turns on most classes for printing. Stuff would get added to a sheet on an odd class and then not print. Now I use that view to turn off classes that I don't want to see in the worksheet. 


I haven't yet tested this in 2018.

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On 11/1/2017 at 5:06 PM, Pat Stanford said:

Based on another bug report, I think this is a bug. 


In VW2017, you could change class visibilities and Recalculate the worksheet and the image would respect the current class settings. In VW2018 it does not work.  Hopefully it will be fixed in the next service pack.



Ah, well, good to know it should and hopefully will function like that.  Thanks for the info, and thanks for your response as well Rick!

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Hi All,


RickR and Pat's answers were definitely correct, and I think it's been fixed in VW 2019 (at least with Service Pack 1).  The key seems to be creating your report with the classes you do not want visible turned off in your navigation palette.  The worksheet takes whatever current visibilities are in place and applies them to the image function, but if you would like to change them simply turn on/off what you need and recalculate.

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3 hours ago, Boh said:

I don't suppose putting the worksheet inside a viewport and then using the VP visibility controls would control the class visibilities of images in the worksheet?

Unfortunately no...the worksheet images only respond to the document's current visibility settings.


I really hope that this whole IMAGE in worksheet thing gets reworked.

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