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Braceworks: Attach Load + Hanging Positions = Total Hung Weight Wrong

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Ok,  I have created a hanging position and attached an LED wall with a total weight of 1000lbs.    If I click the hanging position the "Total Hung Weight" in the object info palette shows 1000.00lbs as it should.   Say I change the weight of the LED wall to 1200lbs and click on the hanging position again.  "Total Hung Weight" still shows 1000.00lbs   In order to get the Total Hung Weight to update I have to reattached the LED wall load,  OR attach another load OR move the hanging position.  Then the Total Weight Load updates.   I would think this would auto-update with changes.      I've tested this with the soft goods PIO and LED screen PIO.   Same result on both.   

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Guest Yordan Kostadinov

This issue is fixed for VW2018 SP2, it will automatically recalculate the weight of the attached items when one of them has its weight change. As of SP2 this field will also include the weight of the Hanging Position internal structure.

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