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Ye architects (and others who need windows/stairs), start crying :-)

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Following the Bricscad conference tweets I noticed two things of their BIM presentation that I think most of us, not just architects, might want to have implemented in Vectorworks:


Tweet 1: " Cool new Window creator tool. Draw a rectangle and convert it into a 3d parametric BIM window in V18 "

Tweet 2 (following tweet 1):  " Wait! V18 BricsCAD Windows need not be rectangular only. Offset any geometry and create parametric window in 3D "


And to add insult to injury:

Tweet 3: " Long awaited tool! A staircase can now be placed in seconds and is fully 3d parametric "


Please don't tell me I have to consider exporting my structure to DWG, import it in B-thing as @zoomercalls it, create my (simple) stair in seconds, import it into VW and if levels of the structure change adjust in seconds in B-thing and re-import to VW instead of wrestling with the VW stair tool. :SO.o


Now not only Archicad has a stair tool that works better than VW's one, but even a dwg based program can now more easily produce a proper and editable stair than VW.

Please do make updating the stair tool to a more productive level a priority for VW2019, it is starting to look more and more outdated and dysfunctional by now. (and add that stair tool in Landmark as well, not just Architect).

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Oh, set my alarm to 19:00 GMT,

to see if there may be a keynote stream.

Forgot they are in Paris.

So everything already happened.


Will look out for these on youtube.



After last years conference I thought I have to buy that B-thing with their V18.

At least I will do another Demo Test. Very seriously this time.

(But have to wait for the Mac release)

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The weirdest thing is that VW runs on Siemens Parasolid - proper windows and doors should be a technological non-issue, if someone would simply connect the dots, please!


As an architect, I use walls, doors, windows, spaces. After these comes everything else.


BTW we have that B-thing in the office for quick checking of engineers' dwg drawings, units and such. Not the BIM version though.



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I have B-thing (Platinum + BIM) too for working on DWG files to maintain compatibility with AutoCAD and the likes in areas where Vectorworks will make things get lost (e.g. text styles) or to avoid conversion issues (e.g. some 3D models).


Its 3D modeling is in some ways superior to Vectorworks and puts it inbetween AutoCAD and MCAD software like Inventor, the way their BIM (incl. Revit import) is developing at the moment will make VW a hard sell in the near future to those disgruntled AutoCAD users looking for an alternative because of its better compatibility with AutoCAD when they become aware of B-thing.  (e.g. text styles , yes that again, as I think it is a glaring omission in VW's dwg compatibility for those working in a DWG centric world, not to mention that they supposedly will be addding AutoCAD Civil compatibility as well thanks to the ODA Teigha developments).

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2 hours ago, JMR said:

As an architect, I use walls, doors, windows, spaces. After these comes everything else.

B-thing is supposed to have all of this now in their BIM module. Of all the DWG based progams B-thing might become the biggest competitor to VW on the Mac next to ArchiCAD when it gets more publicity.


They're really cramming everything but the kitchen sink into the DWG format (i.e. CAD, MCAD alike 3D modeling and assemblies, sheet metal, BIM, AutoCAD Civil compatibility, Revit import etc.) and some of the bigger names in the DWG world (e.g. Intergraph, now called Hexagon PPM) are or have been porting their AutoCAD add-ons to B-thing or even dropping AutoCAD completely and switching to B-thing.


For me Vectorwork's class/layer system and the layer elevations are a very major advantage over any dwg based program for some of the work I do, add to that the GIS and Civil style functionality into the mix and I'm not likely to go back to AutoCAD style programs for that anytime soon. But for others some of the shortcomings in VW might drive might make them consider taking a look at B-thing with some 3rd party add-ons.


So I hope Vectorworks Inc. is keeping an eye on what B-thing is doing and also implement the better parts of it into Vectorworks, whether that are tools or workflow things or both.

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If they only had Microstation users in mind, when creating the App.

And I don't matter at all in which file format they save their own files,

as long there are enough lossless exchange options.


I like very much that their BIM PIOs are a) Solids and b) were reduced in settings and simple.

Hope they stay that way.

So I am really looking forward to see this years conference videos.

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I agree that file format is not that relevant if it has the lossless exchange options you need/want.


<broken record mode on>

Which is why I am harping on the text style import/export issue with dwg import/export as it is a real stumbling block in a dwg oriented work environment

<broken record mode off>


I'm sure many of us have something that gets broken during format exchange that can be a major nuisance. Some of these can be solved as the technology is already there and some simply can't be solved for now because there is no real equivalent that prevents loss of editability or data/properties.


If interoperability is becoming the norm then those exchange issues that can be solved simply should be solved if the technology is already there to do that. It will make Vectorworks an increasingly viable option or alternative which is beneficial for VW and us as VW users, just my (perhaps not so) humble opinion but I could be wrong.

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It is Bricscad from Bricsys.

We call it only the B-thing on this Forum as it is a competitor product.




On 25.10.2017 at 3:18 PM, Art V said:


Following the Bricscad conference tweets



Still not more than the tweets ?

I think it will be released (Windows only) in about a week.

Maybe they will share the conference videos at that point.


I'm curious where they are going, as I loved their initial BIM Lite.

Doors and Windows were only any standard 3D CAD Geometry that you extend with

constraints and put in the library.

And I personally don't feel restricted with rectangular only Doors/Windows :)

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2 hours ago, zoomer said:

Still not more than the tweets ?

I think it will be released (Windows only) in about a week.

Maybe they will share the conference videos at that point.

Just sent you a PM with some links to info from CAD bloggers covering their convention and a video.

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