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Create Label Legend for Non-Lighting Objects

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I've searched for this but can not seem to find the information I need. Our company is doing a decor installation with quite a few different types of holiday ornaments. There are a few different shapes but each of those shapes varies in size, color, height, etc... 


I'm looking for a way to set up a label legend with all of that information that I can use to make a plot with a label legend. 


I know I could create new "lighting objects" and then assign parameters through the label legend manager but that seems like a work around. If there's a functional way to create a custom container object containing all of this data away from turning them into lighting objects, I'd love to know how. Any help would make my day better. :-)



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You will need to make symbol(s) and attach a record to them.  The record will be made up of fields that hold the information  you want to display.  In each symbol, you will need to place text objects located where you want your information to display.  Each text object can be connected to a field in the record that is attached to the symbol, so that it displays the value in the record field of the placed symbol instance.  You will need to use the "Link Text to Record..." command under the Modify menu to do this.  You can get away with just one symbol for everything if you have a record field that identifies the object and is displayed in the symbol.




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