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Braceworks: LED Video Screen PIO and Total/Distributed Weight issue

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Ok,  I can't figure this out.   I have an LED ticker/ribbon wall that's 1 panel high and 68 wide.   Each panel is let's say 20#s.   20 X 68 = 1360#'s total for the wall.  If I put 1360 in the Total Weight field,  the math it does for distributed weight (8,155.94 lb/ft) makes absolutely no sense.   What am I missing?     I also don't understand why I can't put the per-panel weight in a field somewhere and then have it keep the math correct based on the total # of panels as changes and cuts happen.    



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To further clarify.  If I put in a total weight shouldn't the lbs per foot be the total weight divided by the the total width of the LED object?

So if the total LED wall weight was 1000 pounds and the wall is about 8 foot wide wouldn't it be 1000/8 = 125 pounds per foot?   Instead if I put in a total weight of 1000lbs it shows the distributed weight as 3998.68 lb/ft.    How could it possibly weigh more than its total weight when distributed on a pounds per foot basis?
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The LED screen tool is not compatible with braceworks in similar fashion to the line array tool.


With the line array tool you can create your array then create a symbol from that array which can be used to replace the default point load symbol in braceworks.  This DOES NOT work for distributed loads so the only LED screen workaround is to add a load separately from the screen itself.  VW are aware of this, I'd expect it to be a feature of the non beta release when it comes......

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Your little truss might not attach because the geometry is not exactly lined up, copy and paste the value for the position from one to the other for the axis parallel to the truss, even this may not work, if so you might need to manually align the truss loci.  Also it doesn't seem to like 'joining' trusses of different cross sections sometimes.

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