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symbols losing association with walls

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I?m having a very strange symbol problem. I have a floor plan with numerous units, some are symbols and some are groups. If I copy the whole drawing and paste it into a new document one of the units that is a group has all of the symbols in walls lose their association with the wall. What I mean by that is that you can see the symbols, but they are no longer cutting the wall and if you move the wall the symbol disappears. Also, if you move the whole group, the symbols will stay where they are but still have some connection to the wall they were originally placed in. More strangeness, if you just select the group with none of the other units, it pastes in just fine. Anyone have any thoughts on a cause and a cure?

VectorWorks 10.5.1

Mac OSX 10.3.3

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In the original file, select the symbols that are in the walls one by one. When selected, does it say "Symbol in Wall" at the top of the Object Info Palette?

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I don't still have the file, but we had the same issue on one of our drawings, the only thing to add was that as you clicked on the door it would disappear and the wall would extend to some arbitrary angle and length. Fortunately we had a current backup so we deleted it and moved on. That was on VWA 10.1.2 and Mac OSX.2.8 on a 1.8 G5

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How can one avoid this problem without upgrading to VW11?

We are testing VW11, but we won't be upgrading the office for some time.

It may have happened only once, but I don't want to depend on our backup to prevent these problems.


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I am going to go with Fred here, if NNA won't patch VW10 for a known bug?if we go with historical precedent, they won't?we at least should be told how to minimize our exposure.

If it is a known bug, and NNA figured out how to fix it in VW11, then we should be able to get information on how to avoid it.


P.S. and no I am not going to post this and forget about it, I will continute to post here until I get an answer one way or another.

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It seems that NNA is having a few bugs that are only being fixed by a paid upgrade. So far this topic & minimizing issues.

I am willing to accept the fact that importing ACAD 2004 is a feature that is in VW11 and won't be added to VW10. I don't believe that not fixing known bugs in VW10 just because VW11 is out. We are almost all professionals who are earning a living with our skills, knowledge and imagination. You provide us with ?in my opinion? an excellent tool to convey our concepts to our clients, building officials, and contractors. As good a release as VW11 is, it is a unacceptable risk to upgrade to an unproven version.

I am not a Cassandra, nor am I going proclaim that VW is now useless and I am going to go to a competing product if NNA chooses not to fix some of these outstanding issues. I will be disappointed, as I have used this package for years, I have enjoyed talking with the support staff. I still maintain that NNA has one of the best support staffs of all the products I use. They are knowledgeable and best of all if they don't know why something is happening they tell you.

I don't know why this decision was made. I don't know if the only way to fix these problems was to change the underlying architecture of the program so the fix would be impossible to apply to VW10. In the end, if you notice I, nor Fred, even asked for this to be fixed, we simply asked how to avoid it.

So please, will you please tell us how to, or if it is possible to, avoid this in VW10?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Fred and Ion,

Sorry for taking so long to respond. This problem occurs whenever you copy and paste to another document and the objects being pasted include walls with objects inserted in them. The way to workaround this problem in VW10 is to have the walls in symbols.

So if you're copying all the objects in a layer, do a select all, then create a symbol, leaving the instance in place. Then copy the symbol and paste it into the other document. Then if you don't want everything in a symbol, select the symbol, convert it to a group, then ungroup.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


Originally posted by Bruce Ferguson:

So if you're copying all the objects in a layer, do a select all, then create a symbol, leaving the instance in place.

You might also check out workgroup referencing, then removing the reference but leaving the referenced layer. I haven't tried it with 10.5.1, but it's fewer steps than Bruce's way.

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Thanks Andrew,

I have been using workgroup referencing for solving most of our corrupted file problems, at least the ones that wouldn't open up otherwise. In hindsight this would have been an excellent method of troubleshooting this file.

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