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Curtainwall Tool and Hidden Line



Dear VW,


Is there a reason that the "guts" of a curtainwall do not disappear during a hidden line? They used to in 2017. I find this annoying, but perhaps there's another reason that I can't understand. I've tried to manipulate it, but it seems to reveal the inner lines when only the outline should appear.


I noticed that once my model went to 2018, the inner lines started to appear. I opened a new file and inserted a new wall from VW library, but it still shows in the inner lines - not how we would show it or how it would appear.



Lee Calisti


curtainwall.vwx  - file attached



Screenshot 2017-10-24 08.37.56.png

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Thanks leecalisti


We tried it here a couple of times from scratch in a new blank document using a curtain wall style straight from the VW default library.

Once on VW2019 SP2 running on an iMac OSX Mojave 10.14.2

and again on VW2019 SP2 running on a Windows 10 PC

Same result as your incorrect version on both machines

We have submitted a bug report


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