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Martin Tye

VW 2018 Problem with Solid Object in Viewport

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I did post this in another area of the Community (Architecture) so apologies if this is doubling it up but I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this please?

The 3D solid object is absolutely correct (does not appear to contain any errors) when viewed on its own Design Layer (in OpenGL):


But when viewed in a Viewport from a Sheet Layer, it looks like this (as a Shaded Polygon):




It's a bit of a long story as to how the object is produced (I can provide details if required) but it is a 3D solid object, derived from various solid additions and subtractions. This has just started happening with VW 2018.


Does anyone have ideas as to what could be causing this please?



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Shaded Polygon is really a legacy render mode that predates OpenGL. I think what you want is an OpenGL background render and a Hidden Line foreground render. 

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Many thanks, Josh - that does seem to do it!


I since, found that Final Shaded Polygon also seems to get around the problem but I take your point about it being a legacy feature so will try to avoid using this. In both cases, it seems as though the rendering is slower than it was previously and it is odd (to me) that these settings are having to be changed, moving from VW 2017 to 2018.


One other point is that, set up as you have suggested,  the line where the back upstand meets the worktop should be obscured by the side upstand but it remains visible in the Viewport. It all looks rather clumsy in the attached screenshot but I think you can see what I mean.



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It looks like you rendered in Dashed Hidden Line, which shows any "x-ray" lines as dashed.  Sound like you want to be in Hidden Line mode.  


OpenGL replaced shaded poly around VW 8, at least on the Mac, so if you are noticing a difference in rendering for the same object, it is more likely due to how VW stores the data to describe the object.

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Actually, it was rendered in Hidden Line.


I don't know much about this (as you can probably tell!) but what was good about the Shaded Poly rendering that I had been using (from around VW 2015) is that it seems to have been much simpler and quicker, by comparison - and 'cleaner' (fewer lines and no fuzzy shading). There does seem to be a lot of 'noise' now in the Viewport view of the object (hidden lines and points) that show up in the Final Shaded Poly version but are NOT there in the actual 3D object itself. It's all a bit weird. 

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