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Straight Truss Tool not working since SP1

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I am having the same issue, truss tool will draw a line but no truss is created.


In the past I created symbols using the truss tool from older versions of VWX. These symbols do not appear visibly when I copy paste them onto a new document.

I can see the old symbols when I open that particular file, but I can't use those symbols on a new drawing?


JBenghiat - can you explain installing SP1 in a clean folder? When you launch the SP1 installer, it asks for the location of the VWX application?


Thanks in advance.....db

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Hi Adam, I found a work-a-round for this posted by Markdd, here is the link to his post below, click on it to be taken to the thread:

Once you re-build the user folder the tool works properly, but then you will also need to replace your document templates, workspaces, etc...

This is worth doing, not too bad on re assembling the user folder once the new one is created.


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