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Calculations node to stack panels

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I need a node that places the panels above each other. Attached a small network to explain what I want to achieve. Is there a possibility to solve this with a single node? I don't want to slow down the speed of my network.



I have a list like this:

[0] =0





And i want the result of the list look like this:


[1]=0 + 500




All hints are welcome.

Regards Nico





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Thank you for your quick response. It works perfectly!

I test the same network with connected records. See attached.

Now I have the problem if no rectangle is made, I get an error. But the network remains working well. Is there a way to not create 7 rectangles first and then delete what I do not need?

I work on a cabinet which automatically calculates the width and height of the front. However, I want the ability to customize the layout like the test network. Removing the door from the original cabinet is not a problem because it is always calculated and, if necessary, removed at the end of the script. My goal is, if the test network input is empty, no panels will be calculated + the original door will be retained.

The worksheet i am using to get te panel-data also attached.


My non-working approach:

Changing the handle from the set record node. from (0) to (None)

#inObj = Marionette.PortIn( vs.Handle(0), 'obj' ) #To # inObj = Marionette.PortIn( vs.Handle(None), 'obj' )


Thx for any advice.

Regards Nico



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