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Sharing Marionette With a Workgroup

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I'm looking for some pointers on workflow here. I've made some Marionette scripts that are critical to my company's workflow. Many of these are commands that pull record information from the title block and then generates an email template (using a mailto: link) to update a team of people on the status.  What is the best way to share these scripts with all of the people in my department? Currently I have a file in our workgroup folder with the marionette wrapper in a symbol and people have to drag the symbol into their document, run the script, then will often delete the wrapper. It's a few steps that feels a little sloppy, I'm looking for something that feels refined.


Is there a way add to Tools > Marionette Commands from the workgroup? I want to maintain of control of updates to the script.

Does anybody have a good way to convert Marionette scrips to regular scripts in a pallet? If I export any of my marionette networks they are way to big to use as a regular script.


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There currently is no way to have Marionette Commands stored in a workgroup folder, though there is already an existing request for that functionality.

Marionette scripts, however, can be exported to Python by right clicking and choosing "Save Marionette Script as Python Script" though it is likely that the script will be too long to place in the script editor.

You could save these scripts to a workgroup folder and have users run them using Tools > Plug Ins > Run Script, if that's a valid option for you?

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I didn't know that was possible! That works for several of my workflows. I'm trying to extend this a little bit further by making a custom plug-in. The custom plug-in works as expected locally, but I'm unable to get it to work via the workgroup using these instructions. Is this possible?

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Okay, I screwed up and just had a typo in my folder structure. So this is totally possible, the custom plug-in doesn't have a limit on how many lines the script can have. So export the Vectorworks wrapper as a Python script and then copy and paste that script into the custom plug-in. Put that in the workgroup and then have your coworkers add it to their workspace. Yay!

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