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Christmas came early

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I think it is not more difficult to set up than any 3rd party mouse.

You have 3 buttons + scroll wheel + 2 side buttons like a basic MS Intelli Explorer.

(I don't use that top button that is so hard to reach)

And you can set button assignments per App, like MS intelli mouse (could in the past on Mac).


That is used mainly for the 2 side buttons only.


It is just that the extra middle mouse button works a bit easier and more reliably than trying

to press a scroll wheel for MMB.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Oops, sorry about that... Having sigs switched off for a while now I forgot about them! I'd better switch those back on.


I am thinking about getting one, yes, and I have had a client considering it too. I got to demo one at the Design Summit in Baltimore and it felt quite good. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

For anyone who has got one of these mice, and especially you @Markvl, how have you found the thumb Quick Zoom buttons work in Vectorworks? Do they work out of the box with Vectorworks or did you have to re-map those buttons to Vectorworks-specific zooming functions (i.e. fit to object)?

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On my larger USB cable version I have set Thumb Buttons to

"X" = Select/Drag Tool


"Command+6" = Fit View

by adding keystrokes and it works. Could be that I added a

key combination to Fit View in VW, in case there wasn't.

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I use the 2 side buttons for layer-up and layer-down

The wheel button as command-O to bring up the layer/class/etc.. properites window

the Top button I have set to various Layer / Class views (Active Only, Gray Others, etc ..)


my middle mouse is still set to pan -- think I'll change to something else :)

Mabye Orbit :)

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