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Genie Manlifts & Scissor LIfts

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Well I'm not in the market for a lift atm. But I think you need to be quite 'explorative' when you google stuff. 


If at first you don't get quite what you want it pays to slightly change the search order/question.


I've absolutely no idea what you're after in terms of quality/price etc but 3d single man lift gives this..





Would do me - maybe not for you? Change the colour to yellow and stick your client's logo on it  Done!


Scissor lift gives.





There's loads out there - varying quality etc. "Yer pays yer money (or get it for free) and yer gets yer choice" so there's plenty more I'm sure are better modelled but huge files.


2 hours ago, Wes Gardner said:

try heading over to 3D Warehouse.


Good suggestion - This is always a really good start for 'sublime' or 'ridiculous'. Just spend bit of time looking for either something that is exactly what you want, or something that has potential and you don't mind 'playing' with it to get you where you need to be.


Hope thats a start for you.




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