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Joe Carleton

Rendering/Creating a video file with Recorded DMX

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I've been scouring the internet for an hour now trying to figure out how to use the built in render/record video feature within Vision. I've found old articles suggesting that this was a thing in the past and my professor told me it is possible to do this within the software itself. Is this still true? If not, what have you guys been using to record video clips of your projects? 


Thanks for any and all help!

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  First you will need to do a DMX recording. To do this open the DMX recorder window (Window>DMX Recorder).


you will get his window...




Record your DMX, when your done save the file.


Then open the render move (Render>Render Movie)


This will ask what DMX recording you want to use for the movie, and then where to save the move.


Hope this helps. 






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I went through these instruction and Render Movie was not an option under render.  I am currently using Vision 2017.  I have used version 2.? for years and the above mentioned is what I remember.  Have things change in Vision 2017?

no movie render.png

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Render Movie was removed from the initial release of 2017 because it was not working correctly. You should install the latest version of Vision 2017 or if you still have a valid subscription download and install Vision 2018.

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