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Data visualization and custom door data/geometry


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Hi all,


I encountered the following phenomenon:


I've created a custom door record and I'm using viewport data visualization to check if I've remembered to put the right record info into the right doors.


I've found that this is a practical way to check if the correct doors have been assigned, let's say, an electronic access control lock.


However, using custom door geometry seems to break the visualization - please see the attached snip. The  red doors should be blue.


Doors that have custom geometry always show up red, independent of the data. There is no red assigned anywhere: in classes, objects, visualization, object attributes.


In normal plan views and other views, these custom geometry doors look fine, no red.


Has anyone else had this issue?


Before someone asks, the reason for using custom door geometry is that one cannot make an unequal swing door so that the side leaf would have a glass pane just like the main leaf (VW please fix this, important and a very basic requirement !).



Another thing I noticed is that the data visualization system doesn't allow umlauts (Ä's, Ö's etc.) in record names - it ignores them, in VW 2017. I haven't tried the 2018 yet. Removing the umlauts solves the issue (but then the worksheed data headers have to be corrected correspondingly). This was surprising since these records with umlauts work just fine with the worksheets.




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That's it! Thank you.


I hadn't opened the "record" dropdown menu at all - therefore I didn't notice that another record was applied.


How and why this "red" door record came to be, with the strange lower bound and upper bound criteria, is a complete mystery to me.


Well, the important thing is that it now works as expected, thanks again.




red door record.JPG

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