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Subdivide a Subdivision?

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is there a possibility to divide a subdivision (no pun intended) into two smaller subdivisions? Or to convert two subds into one?



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If you mean dividing a subdivision surface are into smaller areas, then yes that is possible.

The Edit subdivision tool has the add edge and remove edge modes to further divide a surface into smaller areas by using the add edge tool. This may alter the geometry in some unexpected ways when you further edit it. Remove edge can also alter the geometry. As long as you do not change the geometry inbetween add edges then remove edge will bring you back to the previous state when you remove added edges in the same order.


Add edge divides an edge into two part, after which you can use remove edge to remove on of these parts and make two touching subdivision areas become one subdivision area.


There is also the split mode to further divide subdivision surfaces.


It will take some trial and error to figure out how things work out with this tool when it comes to your geometry.

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for "convert two subds into one?"


"Modify -> Compose" menu command to compose selected subdivision objects into one Subdivision object without change any of this shape...



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