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Callout Active Database by API

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I don't believe this is directly accessible via Vectorscript or Pythonscript.


A potential work around would be a multi-file system and use the OS to make the switch.


Set VW to us MyActiveDatabase.XML


When you need to switch databases, use the standard Python file handling routines to save MyActiveDatabase as DatabaseOne and then rename (or copy) DatabaseTwo to MyActiveDatabase.


Or this might not work as MyActiveDatabase might be one of those things that is only read in at initial load time or when manually changed.


Probably worth the 15 minutes to try it.

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Got an official response

import vs
import os
import webbrowser
from tkinter import Tk

def execute():	
	vs.AlrtDialog( 'This script will set a different Callout database per Vectorworks file. Specify xml file in the next dialog.' )
	title = 'Select xml database file...';
	defaultFolder = vs.GetFolderPath(14) + 'Notes';
	mask = 'xml';
	ok, fileName = vs.GetFileN(title, defaultFolder, mask)

	if ok:
		gObjName = 'Callout'
		h = vs.GetObject(gObjName)					

		vs.SetRField( h, gObjName, 'Link To Database', 'True' )
		vs.SetRField( h, gObjName, '__dbName', fileName )
		vs.SetRField( h, gObjName, '__dbUUID', '{F2920FA1-ADE2-4ECA-A796-71FA67CD89E7}')
		vs.AlrtDialog( 'Assigned an xml file as Callout database per Vectorworks file' )


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