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Creating nurbs surface


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1 hour ago, RuudB said:

I'm trying to create a nurbs surface out of 6 locus'. It's important that it's one object, in order to use the "wall" tool. It should be simple, so I hope it is!


This should create a nurbs surface:

1. Create a closed spline curve/polygon or nurbs curve by clicking on the points and close the curve by clicking the starting point after you have passed through the other points

2. Then use Model>3D Power Pack>Create surface from curves (or use Ctrl-Alt-K shortcut) and then you should have a nurbs surface.


Basically Ctrl-Alt-K (or the menu command) creates a nurbs surface from any suitable object (e.g. rectangles and circles could also be used for creating a nurbs surface)

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Try the process @Art Vdescribes for a rounded perimeter with wavy surface, or, click a NURBS curve through two sets of loci and use the Loft Surface tool for a rectilinear perimeter with a hump.  Depends on what you are trying to accomplish.


Post back with questions.



NURBS surface.png

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NURBS wrangling
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Totally forgot about the loft option to create NURBS surfaces, thanks for mentioning it.

@Benson ShawNow that you mentioned the loft option.... has the lofting in VW2018 improved over VW2017?  Last year I had trouble creating some nurbs surfaces through lofting because some geometry didn't play nice though that geometry did work well with other things that are also picky about geometry.

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Shell tool may or may not work depending on the geometry. Or may work in one direction but not the other direction so it could be working in the direction opposite of what you want.


Had that happen with some geometry of a few adjacent almost planar surfaces where most of the surfaces extruded in the correct direction where you could select them all and shell them in one go, but one or two wouldn't, they would only extrude in the opposite direction for some unknown reason. Another one wouldn't even shell at all . These were seemingly not complex surfaces, just a bend in the surface, but something in that geometry just made the shell tool fail at the time. I'll give it another try with VW2018.

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7 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

Shell tool?



That is what I tried first.

But it did not accept my 3D Polys :)


Next was Loft Surface, which also rejected my 3D Polys.

So the, "ok, make it Nurbs" thought came.

But Idid not find the AEC Surface command

(the closed surface option in Loft rejected to activate)

So I got the Sides of my "Extrudes only.


Went back to make duplicates of my Polys,

1 Version of Nurbs to loft + top and bottom cap Polys,

finally created a Mesh from all.

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Another process for "extrudes" of 3d poly objects, closed or open:

• Convert to NURBS - makes a NURBS curve

• Duplicate in Place

• Move the dupe up or down as needed, rotate, tilt, reshape, rescale, etc, add intermediate shapes, etc

• Loft between the two (or more) shapes - makes the "side" surfaces. Options - Might want Keep Curves, Ruled or Solid. test.


Lots of choices for the top/bot caps, depending on desired outcome:

1. Select the orig NURBS curves > Create Surface from Curves.

2. Extract tool>Surface mode

3. Sometimes, the 3d PowerPacK> Create Planar Caps works. Sometimes the 3dPP> Stitch and Trim is needed and works.

4. Use the original 3d polys > Convert to Mesh (optional step>Convert to NURBS).

The collection of surfaces can usually combine as mesh, then Generic Solid.


There are a few more ways to create these quasi extrusions.  Usually lots of steps.




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