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Update Demands

Ouch !!!


Hello... Whats happened I used to love this program up until 2017!!! and its all gone down hill. 


How do I stop the updates window popping up constantly, even on other programs please.... TORTURE! 


How do I stop my 2D drawing projecting into 3D every time I hit the numbers. This usually happens after I want to offset I shortcut O and then go to type the distance and art all turns 3D. 


This would be most appreciated. Ive lived with this for a year now!!! 




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I can't stop the "next version available" update notification from showing, hate that also. 


When you say "hit the numbers" are you referring to the numbers in the 3x3 numbers pad?  If so, your "problem" has to do with the way the program is designed (going back forever, not a 2017 change).  Use the QWERTY numbers row at the top of your keyboard to enter numbers in fields and for commands.  The numpad is designed to show different axonometric views (see the manual), not to enter numbers.  It works differently depending on whether NumLock is activated - it moves your view around if NumLock is off.

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