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3d object not showing up



I am running 2017.  I am doing a layout with tables (3d object that is part of the vw library).

When i originally placed the tables they showed up fine (solid red).  I switched to my page view and they were not there anymore.  I activated the class and they would still not show up.  I went to the layer view and they would not show up there either.  I can see that they are still there because i can select them (small dots where they are located).

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 8.23.46 PM.png

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Pretty sure this is a class issue.  Turn on all your classes, and you will probably see your tables.  If a symbol is assigned to a visible class but the objects in it are assigned to an inactive class, the objects will not show up.  Go into the symbol edit space to see what classes are assigned to the objects.  Sounds from the terminology you use that you are trained in AutoCAD.  "Page view" in VWspeak is a "Sheet Layer."  The viewport on your sheet has class controls that are separate from the class controls that determine what objects on your sheet are visible.  So you have to look at both sets of visibilities.

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