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Sinead V

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Hi everyone,


I am modeling a building in 3d in VW's but when I orbit/flyover the 3d view in OpenGL the walls went transparent and pixelated. Same with the roof. I deleted a polygon and put imported cad files on a different layer which helped with the transparency somehow. I have attached a screenshot to show what it looks like. 

This only happened today while I was working on the roof. Everyday up to this point I have had no graphic issues. Help!

VW 3D graphic problem 2.png

VW 3D graphic problem.png

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Several things to try or test. All guesses. May or may not solve:


1. The file is getting more complex as the design develops. The graphics card is not up to it.  Solution: Vectorworks Preferences>Display tab>Navigation Graphics - Choose the Best Compatibility Option.  Close the prefs and make some render tests.


2. Imported dwg files often locate objects far from vwx internal origin.  This causes strange render transparencies and incomplete geometry.  Place a 3d locus on any object in your scene and read the OIP xyz values.  If any value is greater than about 100K meters or 100 miles (my estimates - shorter distances can also cause problems), your scene could suffer, esp in renders.  Solutions include: 1) move everything by known amount closer to origin, or, 2) Create a new file containing only the dwg import and reference that (DVLP is a good way to go) geometry near the origin of another new file where the vwx geometry will be created.


3. Select one of the transparent walls. Paste that into a new blank file. Paste in Place is best. Render.

A. If renders OK, then might be a problem with above # 1) - not as complex with only one wall. or above #2) - Observe the location values in OIP. Try to move everything closer to Origin.

B. If renders transparent, then probably some component or some other aspect of the wall objects switched to transparent.  Maybe need to reset in OIP Render Tab to By Component? or walls were switched to Curtain Wall? or some curtain wall classes were switched off leaving only the glass class visible? Post that file here.


4. Applying a Saved View shut off some classes or made some classes transparent. These classes will stay off/transparent until they are turned back on or adjusted via another Saved View or via manual class visibility adjustment.


Keep testing until you get it or post some problem walls here.










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I second what Benson said :


- check your Hardware for VW minimum requirements

- (Windows) check for latest (official) Graphics driver from GPU vendors site

  (not just from Windows Update )

- Check that your Geometry is not far from VW File Origin

  (Move User Origin if needed - before any imports)

- lower Vectorworks GPU settings in VW preferences

  (if everything else failed)

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