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2018 Crashmatic. I should know better


2018 (w sp1) blowing up left and right, or should I say vaporizing. First began with file lockups, now it just disappears. This is what I get for trying to carry converted 2017 files forward and I should know better. There's a long-term pattern: new versions don't like old versions. period.  Does make one wonder why pay for the service select auto upgrade until you get a project you can start from scratch with. I'm a one-man band, but I can't imagine what real offices have to contend with when facing this issue. Me thinks that despite claims to the contrary, there are parts of the OS that all versions access so may be time to clean house, or rob a bank and buy a new computer every time there's an upgrade... Otherwise why would I see the same behavior in version after version (like in how excruciatingly long it can take window or door menus to open in a converted file). 

Everytime I submit a problematic file to the nice folks in tech support, they can never find anything wrong with it which would seem to indicate there's something wrong with my mac pro despite my best efforts to put it on steriods and keep it clean.


Back to 2017. ugh.

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33 minutes ago, jnr said:

new versions don't like old versions. period.


I also think this is not a wrong experience.


But what should I do. Some projects ran over 3 VW Versions.

Working still with a VW 2014 if there is already a VW 2017 ?

I also had problems with each new release.

I don't even think about such things with my other CAD or 3D Apps, it just runs.


But how to estimate if these are really incompatibility versions of parts between

VW Versions and what is just a general problem ?

And I do it even worse, I migrate even my preset files each year.


So far I have to assume that even VW itself has no tools to examine the conditions

of a PIO or File, if healthy or not. Something I have seen for other Apps.



41 minutes ago, jnr said:

(like in how excruciatingly long it can take window or door menus to open in a converted file)


Hmmh, I ranted about this too already.

I had problems with my Column Presets So did new Styles from "unstylized" old Column sand

re-assigned it, they are still veeeeery slowww. Also I have some slow Window and Door Styles

migrated. Didn't came to the idea to try these from scratch so far.


I thought that is the standard VW 2018 PIO behavior. So like Curtain Walls always had been

unpractically slowwww, migrated or from scratch.

Are you sure that will work better ?


Or is there any compromise Vectorworkaround like creating a PIO from such a Style,

separating from Style, import into  a clean blank file and create the Style backwards again ?



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More problems. Views vaporize, layers disappear from saved views (says they're on) zoom has gone haywire. This is increasingly frustrating and it's costing me money. sound familiar?


I'm completely unimpressed with stability. Again.

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I agree, three crashes yesterday & so far before noon two more crashes, and what good is it to save when it does not save what you did after opening the crashed file, It do no good to have auto back up to every second or every operation. I'm in a very small file, two design layers & three sheet layers of a small floor plan & elevations.

This is happening with or with out floating panes which I first thought was the cause. Also after opening the crashed file, it opened the floating pane with a different view in each, when I clicked on the main screen it changed the floating pane to the same view, then when I zoomed in it zoomed both panes & constantly changed the view in the floating pane. I am going to rebuild this file in case of corruption. 

Glad I get paid by the hour & not the job!

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