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How does the Autosave work.

If I use 'save to separate file in backup folder' selected. Will the file also autosave the original every 5mins?. or will it just autosave the back up?.

When I use File Save while working on a document will it save to the original or the backup?.

Is the autosave file closed after each save, such that if slave computer falls of the network it will not think its open?.

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The Autosave function works very nicely. I use it all the time, and it has saved me a couple times.

If you want VectorWorks to save a backup copy, choose the "Save To Separate File in Backup Folder" option in the Vectorworks Preferences, which creates a duplicate file of the same name in a 'VW Backup' folder in the same location as the original file. Perhaps there is a way of changing this default location and file name, but I'm not sure how.

If you want VectorWorks to automatically save your file every 5 minutes (or whichever interval you desire), deselect the "Confirm Before Save" option. It will work in the background and automatically save it.

I prefer to deselect the "Confirm Before Save" and select "Save To Separate File in Backup Folder," thus automatically saving a backup copy every 15 minutes. This does not save your open and active file. When you use the save command in the file menu you are saving your open & active file.

I do not believe that the Autosave file is actually opened at anytime during the Autosave process. VectorWorks is probably just scripting a 'Save a copy as' command. (but I'm not a programmer--just a guess)

Since the backup copy is saved (in the VW Backup folder) to the same folder/location, if that location were to go offline, VectorWorks would likely notify you, since that's also where your open file is located. Or, it just might crash out. Haven't played that game, just a guess.

I have also found that when working on a slow or buggy machine choosing to Autosave after a determined amount of operations is nice, that way if the computer craps out, I can usually recreate a number of steps instead of 10-15 minutes worth of work.

Hope that helps

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