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Window Styles Strangeness


Window Styles behave strange for me in VW 2018 SP0-1



Changing Styles

Windows in Walls do not update reliably.

Sometimes I need to pull them out of the Wall and back in.

(Not 100% sure on this, could maybe be a editable Style Setting Component,

but for sure I had cases where pulling out/in updated my Window)



Duplicating Styles

May destroy/corrupt their Preview generation in Style Settings dialog.

And therefore RM thumbnail and preview too.


3. a)

Corner/Non Corner Windows

Window Mode : Fixed Glass (Jamb+Sash+Glass)

I use a Sash Depth Offset.

As soon as some Windows, using that Style, are set to Corner Mode,

this Offset will be ignored, sometimes even set to 0,00 in Style.

All Windows will lose Sash Offset, not just Corner Mode Windows.


3. b)

Corner Window : Sash Offset

is controlled by Corner Settings "Corner Condition > Mode : "Corner Post", only (!),

although I don't use that Mode but Flush Glass.

This is the only Mode to set an Offset - but determins Sash Offset in general, when

Corner Mode active for any of that Style's Windows !



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Forgot the most important :



Updating Styled Windows

(only 3-15 Windows in Walls per Style (3), distributed over 4 Stories/Layers)

takes much to long !


Described in real world units that means about 12-15 seconds for getting 5 Windows updated.

Which feels like the amount of time needed to select and change 5 Windows manually separately

in OIP, if that would work in realtime.

I can't remember having noticed such delays before so I would assume that is new to VW 2018.

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Well, updating a Column Style, used by 176 Columns over 4 Layers takes about half a minute here.

That is unrealistically too long for realistic work.



And here comes my UI wish,

Everything that takes langer than 1 Second - needs a Progress Bar.

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