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Anthony Lee

How to get media server into Vision

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Hello I am a newbie to Vision only a few days into it. I already have a large show that requires me to have a media inputs to the pre-vis. I don't see to much info

on this but i was told Vision can support it. So question 1, how do you config the screens / led walls 2, how to get input to Vision via my media server. Can it be via CITP. Also after reading some of the posts regarding the video inputs to vision i hope it gets fixed really quick or i also have just spent a lot of $$ for not able to 

Pre-Vis a major part of programming shows. 

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Hey Anthony, the workflow is pretty simple for getting a screen into Vision, it essentially consists of:

  • Create an extrude the size of your screen
  • Create a renderworks texture, change the color field to "image", use ANY image. 
  • Apply the texture to your extrude and size to fit using the render tab in the object info palette. 
  • With the object selected, go to Spotlight>Visualization>Select Vision Video Source>
  • Select either file (and browse for a video file) or Capture Device, then click OK.

Now when you open that file in Vision, your video will play, or a window will pop up asking which capture device you want to use.


Now to address your other questions:

CITP is not currently supported, but we are looking into it. 
Also, the posts you are referring to are in relation to some capture cards not working on Windows. Currently there doesn't SEEM to be an issue on mac (the facetime camera populates and works) but I don't have any other devices to test with. 

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Hi Edward thanks heaps for getting back to me. So I am using a window platform to run vision & spotlight. Would you be able to let me know of what external   capture cards that will work.? Just on your first answer if I use the led wall tool that also should work too ?? 

Thanks for your help again 



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Hi Anthony, unfortunately because of the issues currently present with visions capture card functionality, we don't have any verification on which cards are working and which aren't. For the moment, because I can't say capture is working for everyone, I'm going to say, this isn't working at all. As much as I hate saying it, I'd rather tell you that, than send you down a rabbit hole that you might not find the bottom of. I've been told it's on our list of priority fixes, but I have no information on where exactly they are in the process.


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@Anthony LeeKeep an eye on this thread: 

We will be keeping it up to date with the latest information. I would hold off on buying capture cards until we can make some cheaper recommendations (a $3k capture card is unrealistic), but at the very least if you have a capture card already, you can verify that it either does or does not meet the requirements we believe are necessary for capture to work properly.

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