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C Hammond

Updating Template files in 2018

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I wanted to see if there are any advantages when starting a newer software to start from scratch with some of my template files.  I was wondering if the transfer over several versions of over the years can cause any un wanted "junk" in the file.  I will give an example.


I have a template I use that has my sheet layers set up with title blocks and all the common sheets I will use for most drawings.  I also have lighting labels set up with a few lighting fixtures symbols, dimensions settings, attribute defaults and some scripts.  To transfer to new software I just open a drawing up in 2017 and save it as a regular file.  Then I would open it in 2018 and save it as template.   I have done it this way for several years.   Note there are very minimal textures and symbols this drawing.  Only what I need to keep the Label Legends correct.  I bring all other symbols in from another resource when drawing.


The reason I bring this up is that I have had some files that can get pretty slow and do not have a lot of detailed geometry in them.   Thought I would toss it out there and see if I should just make that file from scratch to clean up everything or.......

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For me, so far,  it was the option to create Styles for more PIOs now,

in this case Columns, which were set as a standard setting template in previous Versions.

Duplicating and changing these ended in strange behaviors with their names and settings.


Also you could select and assign these old templates like a Style to column objects (more havoc)


With the problems I realized that I would better create a Style from scratch - but there is no option

in RM to create a column style (forgotten to add to the menu ?)


I finally found the option to create a new Column Style from "unstyled" Columns.

(Those new Styles finally look totally different in RM than my old setting preferences)

Finally from this point on everything was working again.

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Theoretically if you have only basic stuff in your templates (e.g. drawing border and a few simple items and some text/dimension styles) then it should not be an issue as far as I could notice.


You can also open the previous version template directly in the new version and then resave it as a template in the current version format or use the batch conversion to convert all your selfmade templates at once.

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