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Copying, pasting or moving viewports creates a PDF

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Hi all, just a quick helping hand being requested as I've deployed VWA 2018 onto our computers, but my own workstation is the only one upgraded to High Sierra on the Mac. The problem is when I copy a viewport from one sheet to another in the same file, it becomes a PDF! As such, I can no longer edit it as normal. Is this a bug, or did I mess up a setting that I can change back to stop this behavior?


Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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Try this:


•Select the VP, it resides on Sheet Layer A.

•Duplicate the VP (I have disabled the vwx preference for Offset Duplications, so everything duplicates in place).

•The duplicate VP will be selected.

•Send the new duplicate VP to Sheet Layer B by choosing Sheet B in the OIP Layer field.



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Sorry I didn't get back with you sooner, Benson, but that was a genius workaround and am chagrined I didn't think of it. The VWA 2018 has some great new features, but with High Sierra, the typical little hiccups that I'm sure will smooth out with updates and service packs to follow. Another one I found was the "paste in place" command not working as normal. It pastes it somewhere off in space. Minor inconvenience and I've been able to work around as well.  Thank you again for the quick response to my tardiness.

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23 minutes ago, spdygnzls said:

"paste in place" command not working as normal. It pastes it somewhere off in space.


There is a setting in VW Preferences,

to set if duplication copies can be placed on top of the original object or if there should be

a distance between both. I think the latter is the default.

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Hey zoomer, thanks for that. Yes, duplications preference is set correctly to not offset (unchecked). It's just that the command-option-V doesn't take the copied item and pastes it back in the exact same location for some reason, so I think that it is a bug caused by High Sierra perhaps.  It works just fine on our other Mac where VWA 2018 has been installed but their Mac OS remains Sierra.

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Oh, I did not duplicate for a long time.
I only CMD+X (or C) + CMD+ALTed a lot the last time.


Have to try that CMD+D tomorrow.

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