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I've posted this before and read other coruting posts since. I have not changed the way I use vectorworks between VW 11 and VW 9.5 so it a new problem to me. I will take more care in closing properly from now on. (no red window screen buttons)

The message I get when I try to open is

"This is an unrecognized file. It may be a Vectorworks file created by a newer version of the application, it may be a very old MiniCAD file, it may have been created bu another application, or it may have been corrupted by a hardware or system error."

Running 0SX 10.3 on both host server (G4 iMac 1ghz 768mb) and Laptop G4 1ghz 768)

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OS 10.3.3

I have not run dis first aid? What is disk first Aid and where is it on my computer?.

We have had another file corrupted today.

I read somewhere something about printers incompatability causing damage. We use a cannon s6300 any known problems with that?.

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Justin, FYI: to repair permissions on Mac OS 10xx go to your HARD DRIVE>APPLICATIONS>UTILITIES and find a program called DISK UTILITY. Double click it to open. Select your START UP DRIVE, click once on the FIRST AID tab, and then on VERIFY DISK PERMISSIONS. This will take a little while. When it is done click on REPAIR DISK PERMISSIONS (I think you can actually just REPAIR without VERIFYING, but am not entirely sure...). Everyone I talk to that seems to know, says that we should be running this utility at least once a week and that it is a replacement of sorts for the old classic OS 'rebuild desktop'. As always BACK UP every important file every day!!! Hope that helps-

Peter Cipes

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