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Dimension preferences

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I have VW 11 on my PC-

I have a need to switch dimension standards in my drawings and find it cumbersome to go to File>preferences>document pref>standards.....etc...

is there a plug-in,script or other method of having a pallet that is redily accesible, that allows me to change my standard more efficiently?

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If you find that you need to change dimensions after you've drawn them, you can select the dim standard from the OIP after selecting the dimensions you wish to change.

I don't know of a way to quickly change the dim standard though.

You may be able to do this with vector scripting.

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thanks Katie,

I thought off scripting-but I cant figure out a way to do this ( Im not that proficient at scripting). If anyone has any input or ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe someone knows of a 3rd party utility??

This would be a nice feature for VW to offer in the next upgrade.



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Aloha, Dave.

A macro utility is an easy way to do what you want, and to automate almost any other custom operation in VectorWorks or any other program.

It only takes a few seconds to set up a macro, which can then be invoked any time you want by a single keystroke or key combination. You can even make temporary macros to do one-time repetitive operations.

I use MacroExpress, 30 days free trial, then $40 to buy. It works fine with VectorWorks on any version of Windows. There are lots of others, mostly available as shareware.

To create a macro:

1. press a key combination to start recording

2. do the thing that you want automated

3. press a key combination to end recording

4. assign a shortcut key or combination to the recorded macro, give it a name if you want, and click a box to specify that it applies only to VectorWorks

Thereafter, whenever you press the shortcut key, the entire recorded sequence of keystrokes and/or mouse clicks is done instantly.

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