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Jim Smith



If one adds additional Leader Lines to a Call-out the additional lines don't have the same graphics as the first Leader Line if the first is a custom Class style. Is this a know BUG?


Does not seem to matter if the Class is overridden. The only way to make this consistent is to accept the default or add a line with the correct attributes.


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Yes, I've run into a similar problem as well (VW2018 Win 7 64-bit). See attached file.


Callouts don't seem to be using the correct class attributes, even though the Attributes palette shows it's set to use class. If I manually set the object to use class it works, but not if I simply assign the callout to the custom class. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Attributes palette even shows the correct class color (black), but the callout remains its original color (red). I haven't noticed this bug with any other object type.




Callout test.vwx

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When Callout is created and a class is manually assigned to it, with Attribute By Class selected, it should work like any other objects. However, I had this incident that only the text itself did not follow the class attribute. After I edited that class by changing it's color, then immediately changed the color back, the color of the Callout text was corrected.

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