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John Vancouver

Fit wall to object - 2

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Does any body know why one wall will fits to a roof object and the other gable end wall fits the shape but 6' to high. Same wall style. Same settings. 




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Try selecting the offending wall, click on the Components button in the Object Info palette and check to see if the tops of its components have an offset. If so, set them to zero. If that's not the issue, can you attach a small file showing the problem?

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It often helps for fit Roof to make sure that the Wall is really under the Roof

(at least temporary)

before you fit it to the Roof.

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It is you Wall Style.

You fixed all you Walls Components Tops,

although what you want is the to have all Tops to have no distance to Wall height.


So if you set Components from Wall height, manual distances from it or not, it will do the fit fine.


You have set 2 of the 4 Components to react to Wall Peaks, which the Fit Object will create,

but somehow even that does not work (in VW 2018 ?)



And about overlapping, your Wall heights from Story Level binding does make the Walls Tops

overlap with the Roof. Seems to be no problem.

But there would be problems when you Walls Bottoms cross the Roof. In such a case you should

temporarily lower the Wall bottom under the Roof, do the Fit Wall and reset Walls Bottom to its

correct height afterwards again.

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9 hours ago, John Vancouver said:


I opened the file in VW 2018 and tried the following:

  1. Selected both gable end walls
  2. Ran the Delete Wall Peaks command
  3. Ran the Fit walls to Objects command

For me this fit the walls correctly.


I also tried this:

  1. Opened you file
  2. selected the offending wall
  3. edited its components via the Object Info palette.
  4. Set all component tops to be "relative to wall"

This corrected the issue.


Do either of these approaches help on your setup?

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I also ran the Delete Wall Peeks,

but realized that I can't do any changes to Wall top by adjusting any (overall) Wall height values.

(By the way the Components Tops were alle fixed to heights separate from overall Wall in Style)

That is why I tried Matt's second attempt first, also successfully.


But I do not get why Fit Objects will not simply create the correct (overall) Wall Peeks and Components

just reacted to those peeks as promised by the Styles Components Settings. Or better have that height


So I assume there currently is something wrong in VW anyway.

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I think I got it. Thanks guys. Seems overtly complicated. It would be great if the commands that don't work because a toggle has been set somewhere else would be faded out and a highlight would pop up saying that this command or setting does not function be cause the wall setting such such is picked. 


My 2 cents. :-)



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