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Multiple View Pane Problems



The new Multiple View Panes is a great addition, now I can see the sheet layer view port at some time as I work on the design layer. But after using a floating View Pane slid over to a second monitor, everything work fine for the first three hours, but then when trying to change the view of the floating view pane to active only, it would not let me do it or anything, then it allowed me to change the layer & changed both view panes to the same layer, no matter what I did with either view pane.

This is a great feature if it can work properly.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello Dubman,


If you are talking about changing the visibility settings using the dropdown in the Navigation Palette, we are currently addressing the issue.

Here are some previous discussions -


Also, if the "Use Same Visibilities in All Panes" is checked, the changes to the active design layers will apply to all the panes with design layers.


Hope my explanation helps, and let me know if you have further questions.





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Thanks Chih-Pin, Yes I saw the Use same Visibility option, but did not select it. It was working fine for some time, then with out me being aware it switch the same visibility on. I will watch out for this more. Now if I can see my grouped objects in view ports while editing them things would be great !

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