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Displacement mapping giving strange results



I posted something similar on the rendering part of these forums, but I have been investigating further.....


In the process of trying to understand the new Parallax bump map shader I ran into this peculiar problem with the displacement map shader. I made a brand new texture with a Renderworks brick png as a bump shader image.


The First Column is an extruded rectangle. 

The second is a Nurbs Surface

The Third is the same Extruded rectangle converted to Nurbs Surfaces

The Fourth is a generic Solid made from the third column (using the stitch and trim command)


As you can see the 2nd and third are as you would expect a brick texture to look. The first though, and what led me to try and work out what was wrong in the first place, shows a very Low res pixelated/block like effect, with the mapping reversing itself half way down. The fourth  looks fine but is "vignetted" at the edges. Admittedly a really nice effect but not what I expected. I am assuming this is a bug in 2018.


I have enclosed the file so others can take a look and hopefully offer me some advice if I have done something stupid.




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You have done nothing stupid, I filed this as a bug. I first noticed it when doing some tests on plastic siding. VB-143688

It seems to be semi related to camera position, i noticed it most obviously when i had a camera swoop by a wall with holes cut into it, it sort of rippled like weird amorphous water.

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