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Create new/edit current hatch from class properties edit dialog

Art V


When creating or duplicating a class that contains a hatch I may sometimes need a different hatch or the same hatch in a different colour. When duplicating a class it would require the hatch to be created first, and ditto for creating a new class. It would be nice if the hatch option of the fill settings would contain a "create new hatch" and "edit current hatch" options so that one can create a new hatch on the fly instead of either

1. Create/duplicate a class, then create a hatch, then edit the class properties and edit the fill options.

2. Create a hatch first, then create/duplicate a class and if the hatch is not right then exit edit, create/change hatch and edit class properties again.





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Not that I am aware of. I try to create the required new hatches, fills, textures etc first so that on creating the new class the class attributes can be assigned straight away.

There was a recent similar thread that suggested when duplicating a class there is an option to edit the duplicated class rather than just a "-2" suffix added to the name which then invariably needs editing. It would be good if the new class attributes could be edited from there too - it would really streamline the process.

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Yeah, I find it a laborious process creating the hatches in a separate file, then assigning them to the new class in another file. 

Because invariably you want to test and edit the hatch according to the destination file.

Yes, I saw another thread that requested the creation of a new class from the object selected with the right click menu. This would be ideal.

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