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Tiny Text in Dialog Box

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Vectorworks 10.5 & 11.0 on Windows XP:

Some tool dialog boxes, such as MOVE, have tiny, almost unreadable text in the box. Box headers, menu & toolbar text and drawing text are OK. My 19" digital flat panel screen resolution is default 1280 x 1024 dpi. Advanced setting for display is Large size 120 dpi fonts versus Normal size 96dpi. Also ClearType is selected to sharpen screen text.

Is there any way I can get the dialog box text back up to a readable size? Thanks,


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It's probably either in the Theme or in the Appearance advanced settings.

You may want to switch to XP classic or XP standard theme to see if you notice a difference.

If you do, you need to change either the theme or the appearance advanced settings, or possibly both.

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My Windows theme is XP (modified)

I had already selected 120 dpi fonts.

Under Appearance I selected Large Fonts. This changed the Windows dialog fonts, but the VW text is still tiny. Under Advanced Appearance, all options use 10 pt fonts except one at 9 pt. The VW fonts appear to be about 4 or 5 pt. It seems to be peculiar to VW 10.5 and VW 11. Any other ideas? Thanks, JE

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The Windows theme has nothing to do with this problem. VW is the only app that has the tiny text. Only the standard dialog labels inside the box have the tiny text. The Headers are large fonts. My theme is already XP standard with one modification: to use large fonts. VW displays large fonts in some places, but not in others. Do any other Windows users have the tiny text problem? Thanks,


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I'm running 10.5.1 on XP with "Windows Classic" appearance, and all dialogues are good-sized and easy to read, including the one for the "Move" command.

I've never tried it with "Windows XP" appearance, so I don't know if that would make a difference.

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FYI, I have noticed some other text-related problems in VW 11. For example, in the Edit Viewport dialog, the end letters of labels are cut off: Annotatio ; Cro ; Design la . Cropped words appear in several other dialogs.Chopped-off text boxes are common on web pages. I assume this will be fixed in a future release. JE

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This problem is limited to VW only. The text in all other apps is large and readable. Most of the text in menus and diaog headers is normal. Only the text in the body of the dialog box is tiny. If something is corrupted it's only in VW.

The flat panel monitor is set at default resolution of 1280 x 1024. This would make the text very tiny if I hadn't selected Large Fonts in XP. Could it be that some parts of VW are getting the Large Fonts message from XP and some parts are not?

Thanks, JE

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I think both the Tiny Text and the Cropped Text are related to the setting of Large Fonts (120dpi) in Windows XP. Some VW dialogs have text at an appropriate font size. Some have text that appears to be at the normal 96 dpi resolution which makes them look about 6 or 8 points. And some dialogs have text at the 120dpi font size so the words are chopped off because they don't fit in the 96dpi text box.

If I change Win XP back to 96dpi fonts all of my apps would have tiny text. So that would just make things worse. I don't suppose there is anything I can do about this. But I'd like to go on record that it is a problem. Should I send some screen shots to BugSubmit?

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I have a problem Vectorworks 10.5 & 11.0 on Windows XP and Windows2003 server:

Some tool dialog boxes, such as Unit, Move have tiny, almost unreadable text in the box. Box headers, menu & toolbar text and drawing text are OK.

Please teach me any ideas. Thanks

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In my case, the tiny text seems to be the default text size for my LCD monitor at its default resolution of 1280 x 1024. Since the text is hard to read, I have set Display Properties/ Appearance/ font size/ to LARGE FONTS. In VW most of the dialogs and toolbars display the larger fonts. But some of the dialogs have large Header text and tiny body text. I think this could be fixed in future updates, if the engineers are made aware of the problem. I'll do a Bug-submit ASAP. JE

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thank you Mr.(Mrs.) JHEarcht.

I don't think graphic card and resolution problem. I think the problem is at the thing not to support unicode program at VW 10 or 11.

For instance, I set Control pannel/Nature and Language options/Advanced/ to English(America).

And then, the problem of tiny text is not seen. VW is very clear.

But another problem appears.

The problem is not save and open VW file.

My windows system is korean. But I still very well used VW 8 or 9.

The Problem start from VW 10.

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Any problem with Unicode fonts would be in the operating system and not in Vectorworks. You might try the procedure in my 7/5/04 post to see if Large Fonts will help. My problem is that VW displays Large Fonts in some dialogs and not in others. Good luck, JE

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