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Andrew Davies

Rope and post (Stanchion)

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I have loads of rope and post (stanchion) I've added to my drawing using the Rope and stanchion tool.


What's the best way of counting how many posts all together?


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Create report,

list objects with record "rope and stanchion"

look for "total stanchion"

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Thanks again for this - really helpful.


Just got round to using it 😳 and am struggling to get dimensions (Total Length) and quantity to work.


It seems as if the report adds the dimension and quantity as text (so 3,000mm as opposed to 3000) meaning I can't do a sum of a column without pasting it into Excel and manually removing the mm.


I am doing something wrong , I just know - but can't work out what!



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Try setting your formula to get the length to:


=VALUE('Rope and Stanchion'.'TTLStrngrLngth')


And formatting the cells as a Dimension. That should give you both a numeric value that can be summed and the proper unit mark.

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Thanks Pat - that's perfect.  Not obvious though - but thanks.


I was using the following dialogue box to sum the values - but it didn't work.  What are those options for?



Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 06.48.38.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 06.48.28.png

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Nothing is obvious until you have done it.


You can pretty much assume that anything coming from a record that has units attached to it is in a TEXT format, not a Number format. If that is the case, you will need to use the VALUE function to convert it to a number before you can do any math on it.


There is a script floating around that I wrote that will create a worksheet of all of the available fields of a PIO and there data type. Search for "Worksheet of PIO Fields" or let me know and I will track it down for you.

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