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Displacement map reversal

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Has anybody seen this before?  A displacement map reverses on an object in a sort of burred "vignetted" fashion. Has anybody seen this before and is it happening to you. What is strange is that it only seems to happen on extrudes. The object that behaves normally is an extruded line which is given depth with the push/pull tool (don't ask!) the one closest to you is a rectangular extrude.

Enclosed is the fileScreenshot_2017-10-01_09_41_27.png.b4edd146990e35f28fa3e02b333b419e.png


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Hi markdd,


Yes - weird. I've messed around with it for a bit and can't find any alternative to change the effect you get. (mapping etc..)


However it does seem to be the texture, as your shapes (to the left and unchanged) work correctly with another brick texture I randomly chose and applied the same painted brick effect to (by dispense with the brick image and choose object attribute). As you can see, it doesn't seem the way the objects were created has any bearing on the alternative texture I applied so maybe the issue lies with the structure/makeup of the texture you've chosen?




I'm out of ideas!!......

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