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VW11, File sharing on networks

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I'm two days into using VW11, we have a basic network in our office. Two imacs & a laptop. One imac stores all job files.

All running OSX-10.3

Yesterday unpluged the laptop to take home, did not close file on network. When I woke the laptop up at home I saved the file to the desktop.

This morning back in the office I could not open the orignal file saved on the network. Error message saying file is still open?.

I then restarted network. Luckly the host file could be opened.

Does VW11 track to see if files are open?

The copy I saved to the desktop somehow is now corrupt?.

Not the best start to VW11, network file required network computer to be restarted to be able to open. and the File Saved to desktop is corrupted!.

G4 1ghz 768mb OSX10.3

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This is not a VectorWorks 11 issue. The reason the file on your desktop is corrupted is because you put the machine to sleep without closing the file. Putting the machine to sleep with VectorWorks open will always cause VectorWorks to lose connectivity with the dongle. This is normal behaviour (sleep mode is low power mode).

Before you put your computer into sleep mode make sure you quit VectorWorks and save your work.


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