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multiple layer visibility

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Hello Forum, I have a viewport set up on my sheet for the roof plan, I have the second floor layer visible as well because parts of that layer would be visible when viewed from above. Although my roof is  solid and has a solid fill when viewed in wireframe in top/plan its transparent and I can see through to the second floor. How does one fix this?

For example when a 2d solid is drawn and has a solid fill the fill is visible in wireframe and you cannot see through it, is there a setting that would do the same for a 3d object?


Thank you!

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Hi Mattryan,


Sounds like you need to chose a different way to view, as wireframe will always (as the name suggests) show only the structure (lattice) of the shape you have created - wether or not it has fill. What you've experienced is the difference between 2D and 3D.


Try choosing OpenGL and try to work with that as your default. This will show solids as you wish them on layers.




As you say you are in a VP, you will need to see the appropriate choice(s) in the OIP to achieve similar results.

With your VP selected the shape details the options on the view you want. Looks like you have wireframe chosen as shown below.




Choose Open GL instead..

Then choose to update as suggested..




Giving you....





Hope this helps.





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First, check to make sure your roof in Design Layer appears with a fill in Top/Plan view.  Then in your viewport, set "View:" to Top/Plan view, then check both "Display Planar Objects" and "Display Screen Objects."  Things should look right. This assumes that your roofs are roof objects, which are hybrid objects as opposed to something like an extrusion, which is not a hybrid 2d/3d object.

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