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trying to get over this marionette hump


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Welcome by the mountaineers. I will not post the corrected network because doing ourselves gives stamina.

Debug your script from left to right and  disconnect the rest of the nodes, instead a pass or a dummy node and click on the wire with the beetle(bug) method:


1. The name of the rectangle which defines your bounding box of the geometry is "x" nothing wrong with that, but I think a standard user-error by clicking "x" for the selection tool in a field :-)

If you need that rectangle here just for the bounding box, you don't have to make a copy here.

2. Object Name in the input field is "rec" You should take "x" for the name input field. "x" is the name of your rectangle.

3. The Range Node is designed to make a range from a lower value (input a) to a higher value (input b). Replace start and stop of the bottom range node

4. You go two range for x and y coordinates now. The Mix Node has a popup in the info-palette. Select "Cross Reference". Cross Reference, will repeat the sequence from the "list 2" input. By the length (number of values) of the list1 input. Simultaneous every values from lis1 is repeated by the length of list2 input. So you got a perfect point grid with 6x6 points.  

5. The input for circle radius is by an integer input. Please use the Dim Input. Also switch document units to mm cm or m  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_System_of_Units) Sorry forthat, but imperial units blocks my brain :-)

6. So with those reasonable units you will see, that your radius is bigger than your rectangle and you want to have 36 circles on that rectangle, that can't work.

7. The Solid Operation is set to "add" instead of substract (I think so because your bottom and top are the same)

8. Then you substract the rectangle extrude from the circle extrudes, that would made the whole thing needless. Or could create antimatter (subscract a big mass from a lower mass).


Always a hard start. Comfort you my first network was not better. I maybe would practice with simple locus points first to see, what is going on without accidentally booling billions of solid operations and freeze your computer. In this case I think it was not the reason mat that does not matter after fixing the (little but a good many :-) errors it will work.


Don't give up.







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