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VW2018 install hanging...

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  • Marionette Maven

I'd say give it a little more time. The progress bar doesn't appear to update every time a file is being moved, so it's likely stuff is still being done behind the scenes.

If it continues to stay stuck for a long time from now, then maybe try again? But wipe everything out of wherever you are trying to install to, first.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just installing SP1, same thing as I had wih original VW2018 install, install hangs at 91% (creating uninstaller)...anyone else had this?

On original install, I quit out, and VW2018 seems to work ok.


If I so quit out, does it just mean there's no installer and If so, does it matter?

Any advice appreciated!


On 9/28/2017 at 6:16 PM, MRD Mark Ridgewell said:

..all going well until 91% installed..been hanging on 'creating uninstaller' for 20mins or so...PC stil running ok otherwise.


Any thoughts, force shut down & start again or wait a bit longer?!





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I did have an issue at first with the installer on one of the two computers and managed to solve the install issue by going into the user temp folder, locate the most recent two folders in there and kept opening until I found the installer file in there and then installed from there. That solved my install issue on that one computer (didn't have a problem on the other). It might work for you as well.


If necessary use e.g. CCleaner to clean the temp folder first, run the installer and if it fails then force close it and then go the to the user temp folder to proceed as described above.

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3 hours ago, MRD Mark Ridgewell said:

Thanks for the advice.

Seems like VW is trying to access the zip file (not sure why it's a zip - the update installer downloads as a .vwx, as per screen shot).

Anyway, forced a quit & VW opens as SP1 so I guess all is ok?!




The folder with the installer should be like a random number/character name  with or without dashes. It may get deleted once the installer is running and cleaning up things during install, so you could try force quitting the installer before it proceeds with the actual install after unpacking the files.


If your VW is now opening as SP1 and there are no issues then it seems it is ok and it may have been hanging on removing the temp files (e.g. because a windows process was locking a file it is trying t remove). That can happen sometimes.

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