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Photogrammetry is Coming

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6 hours ago, Wesley Burrows said:


It appears to be included with Cloud Services.   I see it as part of my account now.  

Everything I've read says VW are reserving the option to charge if we over run allowances and these sorts of tools are computer intensive and likely to push us over allowance. I guess I'm saying If VW are wanting to charge for use of Cloud it would be great if we could flag something as billable, pay for that and save include time for non-billable work.  I can see us using this a lot for context and existing building models.


Also, Jim any reason not to go one step further and have an option to get cloud service to deliver us a VWX file.

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Point clouds are useful in many cases, but not always. Besides using point clouds, would it therefore also be possible to just extract user defined points, like you can do with for example PhotoModeler? I have done quite a lot of boat cover designs in the past, where we are essentially only interested in the panel edges, getting them as precise as possible, and then re-skin the model manually. In such a case you only need say 100 points or less. The rest of the cloud (99.9999%) is then basically waste info, and usually doesn't match the exact key points used for skinning. 

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6 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

Also, Jim any reason not to go one step further and have an option to get cloud service to deliver us a VWX file.

That's what I want too, similar to having cloud based rendering push the resulting image back into VWX as the viewport bitmap rather than only outputting a PDF or solo image.


13 hours ago, Matt Overton said:

First be before I get to excited. How Much and can we get separate invoice we can disburse to clients?


No separate cost on it's own, it is bundled into the regular Service Select subscription. The use of the feature is not metered/limited.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Any change there could be a less How to step by step video?


One we could send a link to technically inclined clients (or less CAD inclined staff) give them an overview idea of what it does, how to take photos that will give good results would be very good.


This guide is good but would be better with gifs of the final models to show the 3D Modeling or as video.


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